You can now import your WhatsApp chat history into Signal thanks to various open-source utilities. With the masses now flocking out of Facebook’s gates, you don’t need to leave your data behind.

1. Backup your WhatsApp messages on your phone

2. Transfer the .db backup file to your computer

The backup file should be found under Internal Storage/WhatsApp/Databases as .db.crypt## where ## refers to the numeric identifier…

Considering historical lessons for redesigning our governments

In considering mesoeconomics, we have set the stage for purpose-driven businesses. In revisiting them and their thorough definition, we have established that such an economy built upon relational connections allows for defining diffuse borders. In essence, it presents the opportunity for a data-driven framework of designing interstate exchanges. …

A more rigorous definition of the overlooked scale

If we were to reimagine states beyond the nation-state paradigm currently dominating — and we need to in order to avoid eminent crises — we should redefine the underlying systems of a state. I have introduced the risks inherent in the current currency markets, as well as the opportunity digital…

Arriving at an alternative monetary system

A Lebanese poultry shop most famous for its broiled chicken was caught in the flames less than a month ago. Rumors quickly surfaced that it had been a case of arson by competitors, as the shop had been able to tame its prices amidst a national currency devaluation. Hawa Chicken…

A strategy guide for a true socioeconomic ecosystem

How blockchain could help us build an operating system for a new Internet of value

Born out of a defense project in the 60s, the Internet started to take the shape we’ve grown accustomed to in the 90s. The Tech bubble burst around the corner of the millennium, reshuffling the sector and opening it to popularize the achieved progress and innovation. …

The role of the government is to provide a trampoline, not a safety net.

The role of the government is to provide a trampoline, not a safety net. Now the Senior Minister of Singapore, Tharman Shanmugaratnam was serving as the Deputy Prime Minister when he introduced the notion in an interview with BBC’s Sackur.

The discussion of social safety nets frequently gets the spotlight…

Wael Itani

I am an engineer based in Beirut. I write on multiscale, and I write with metaphors.

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