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How blockchain could help us build an operating system for a new Internet of value

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Born out of a defense project in the 60s, the Internet started to take the shape we’ve grown accustomed to in the 90s. The Tech bubble burst around the corner of the millennium, reshuffling the sector and opening it to popularize the achieved progress and innovation. This is after all the technology cycle I have described in my previous articles.

Nevertheless, we are still in the infancy of the Internet, akin to a language learner bragging about the new curse words he has learnt. …

Arriving at an alternative monetary system

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A firefighter catches his breath in front of the burning shop in Beirut, Lebanon [2020]. Image by Annahar.

A Lebanese poultry shop most famous for its broiled chicken was caught in the flames less than a month ago. Rumors quickly surfaced that it had been a case of arson by competitors, as the shop had been able to tame its prices amidst a national currency devaluation. Hawa Chicken has indeed been able to keep its prices nearly 30% lower than other prominent poultry brands. To avoid creating a black market for its products, it has also enforced a cap on the quantities each customer purchased.

Wherever the initial spark came from, the line of thought of the public, along with the inflation rates which have surpassed currency devaluation rates, give us a little more insight on our terms with money. Most prominently, the fact that exorbitant prices have been maintained in light of over 20% recovery by the Mediterranean nation’s currency is revealing. …

An outsider’s perspective on the question of representation

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

While the arrival of European colonial expeditions to America is generally considered as a defining moment in American history, African presence in the continent pre-dates their arrival. The colonial efforts, however, as they have chained free men and thrusted them into the Atlantic slave trade, and have usurped lands and riches, have dominated the psyche in the historical narrative.

The discussion of slavery has become an anchoring bias in the story of a multicultural America. Fredrick Douglas is dead. There seems to be a collective amnesia in regard to his legacy, and that of other Black public figures.

Maya Angelou discovered why caged birds sing. Martin Luther King Jr. mobilized whole communities — a whole nation? — for freedom and equality. The contributions of Black Americans in shaping the modern society go beyond being skin deep. …


Wael Itani

I am an engineer based in Beirut. I write on multiscale, and I write with metaphors.

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